Re-Branding with A Professional Logo Design

Like most things in life, a logo can become outdated over time. The only problem with this is that your logo is typically the centre of your entire identity. Having a professional logo design is incredibly important when considering a re-brand as it is what will resonate with your customers. Repeat Logo, a professional logo design company have highlighted some points to consider when thinking about re-branding with a logo. Based in London, they design hundreds of logos for businesses all over the world. Here is what they had to say about choosing a new professional logo design.

Keep Your Professional Logo Design Simple

Some of the most well-known logos in the world are simple. That’s right, we’re talking about the likes of Apple or Nike. These brands have a professional logo design which is uncomplicated and easy to digest, so to speak. By keeping your professional logo design simple you are making it more readable and often memorable. Creating an overly complicated logo will mean that consumers find it harder to remember or recognise.

Pay Particular Attention to Colour

Colour has always been a massive part of a professional logo design. If you get the colours wrong, you could be majorly off base. For example, the colours red and yellow are now related to fast food chains. This has meant that although McDonald’s is famous for their golden arch logo and this is unlikely to change, they have had to re-brand other aspects of their marketing and stores to focus on the colour green as this has connotations of freshness and organic produce.using colour in a professional logo design is an important aspect to consider

If you want your professional logo design to convey a certain meaning or emotion then there will be some colours that are more appropriate than others, selecting your colour will be one of the most important stages in the process of getting a new logo design.

Make It Unique

If you create a logo like no other, then it will become more ‘ownable’ – meaning that it is more so identified as yours rather than many other logo designs. Picking a cliché design is likely to only last for a short amount of time. If you create something unique that isn’t following a current trend, then it is more likely to stand the test of time.

Hire Business Logo Designers

Even if you are on a tight budget, there is no point in cutting corners when it comes to re-branding. Hiring business logo designers will mean that you can get a couple of ideas through and pick for the best. Business logo designers will be skilled and experienced in coming up with creative concepts and ideas that are unique and specific to your business.

If you contact business logo designers with a project, they will typically ask you to fill out a design brief in order to identify the style of logo you desire and the type of business you operate. They will know the most suitable logos to use depending on your business type and industry.

No matter where you are based, a professional logo design is essential and worth investing in.