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Access For People Without (Yes, Without) Disabilities

June 13, 2012

Sometimes, when people think of accessibility, they picture wheelchair ramps running up side entrances of buildings, on-board lifts on public buses, and large toilet stalls in many public bathrooms. If these features are usable only by a person with a disability, the wider community does not typically appreciate the value of inclusion for this person. If everyone else also uses this accessibility feature, it has two dramatic effects: it increases the market reach for the business that sells and markets this product, and increases awareness of the economic and cultural value of the disability market.

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It’s Not Ugly Design: A Disabled Blogger Makes A Case for Universal Design

February 21, 2012

S.E. Smith, a social activist with a disability, wrote last week on her This Ain’t Livin’ blog that universal design “does not mean ugly design.”

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Video Game Accessibility Not Yet Up to Par

July 25, 2011

AbleGamers co-founder Mark Barlet says in the Wired article, “What game creators do not truly understand is that as we get older, we are more likely to be disabled. We have two wars going on, and our soldiers are not all coming back in the same condition as they left. Those men and women are gamers.”

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Designing A Potato Peeler For Everyone

December 2, 2010

I love cooking, so every holiday season my thoughts turn to Williams-Sonoma or Sur La Table.  Shopping is one of my least favorite activities, but when I pass by one of these stores, I have an irresistible urge to go inside and seek the latest kitchen gadget. Some of my favorite gadgets come from OXO, […]

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Abledbody.com: SUNY-Orange’s Assistive Technology Expo

May 17, 2010

On Saturday, May 15, the State University of New York in Orange County (SUNY Orange) hosted its first annual Hudson Valley Assistive Technology Expo. Over 60 exhibits and vendors advertised their services and products. Headlining the expo was a keynote speech by Dr. Nancy Sulla of IDECORP (an expert on Universal Design for Learning), special screenings […]

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