Inclusion in Advertising

June 4, 2013

General Mills’ Cheerios advertisement is an excellent example of inclusion — whether by race, disability, sexual orientation, gender, etc. Companies and advertisers should follow General Mills’ lead.

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A Little Disability Etiquette Goes A Long Way In Disability Marketing

June 8, 2012

On my Twitter stream this morning, I came across an article from disability author Gary Karp that is particularly appropriate for marketers and advertisers who want to connect with the market of consumers with disabilities.

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Hey, That Limb Is Missing! Debunking Disability Stereotypes In Advertising

January 19, 2012

In advertising, the inclusion of people with disabilities is a double-edged sword: is it intended to highlight the disability, or the person, or both? If the disability is highlighted, it is usually because the business is selling products that accommodate the disability. For companies that do not directly sell to people with disabilities, utilizing a person with a disability in an advertisement is a delicate exercise that may backfire.

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